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Eight habits so that you completely away from the fat belly

Fat belly is eternal topic for lose weight, it is always in imperceptible in take out, add endless troubles to us. We hate him, so it, to get rid of it, it soon came back again. And the following eight habits in this article from lida daidaihua can play a fundamental role, let us away from fat belly.
1. In the morning to drink a glass of water
After a night’s rest, get up early to drink a glass of water can not only complement the metabolism of the body lose moisture, also can “wake up” the body slowly, quickly recover the brain awake, and stimulates the gastrointestinal peristalsis, moist intestines, promote the elimination of the stool, and in addition, also can promote the blood circulation, help the body eliminate toxins in the body, moisturize the skin, beauty to raise colour.
2. Eat fruits and vegetables every day
Fruits and vegetables that contain large amounts of cellulose, can add fullness after eating, also can add a lot of vitamins and minerals, and is indispensable to weight loss and beauty.
3. Correct posture
If always cats around his waist, sit down, can lead to fat accumulation in the abdomen, dewlap. In addition, cross your legs when sitting on the leg oppression nerves and blood vessels, blood circulation is harmful to the thin abdomen and legs are not.
4. The right walking
Walk up, hold out a bosom, belly in, adjust their own breathing, orderly’s breath, not only can better promote the rapid discharge of exhaust gas and the toxin inside body, also can adjust their own temperament and attitude.
5. Climb the stairs
If you have time, you can climb a flight of stairs, this can help you burn fat abdomen and legs, so as to achieve the effect that reduce weight. 
6. stand half an hour after a meal or for a walk after dinner
Sedentary not stand after the meal is easy to cause lumbar abdominal fat accumulation, the right thing to do is stand for half an hour after a meal, or go out for a walk, so not only is conducive to digestion and absorption of food, still can make muscles, joints, bones and muscles have been moderate exercise. “After supper walk, can live ninety-nine” has its merits.
7. adhere to massage
Both hands finger belly to navel as the center, with his hands on both sides of the finger, respectively, in the bellybutton, looped in anti-clockwise or clockwise direction according to knead abdomen on both sides, each side by about 50 times. Massage every day, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help to promote the discharge of metabolites, and can increase the temperature of the abdomen to promote decomposition of belly fat.
8. the correct position
Bent back and curled up his legs position can make abdominal fat accumulation. So, if you have the obvious bulge, still had better choose to lie on your back, and gradually form a habit, can’t let fat in your stomach when you’re asleep.

Kiwi fruit to lose weight

I believe many people don’t know Kiwi fruit beauty efficacy , for the kiwi fruit is the rising star to lose weight, its effect reducing weight also is absolutely stunning, now in this artickle from lida daidaihua, take a look at three divine power of kiwi fruit to lose weight way, from now on, you are have a weight loss artifact, you can also achieve to slim down faster!
Kiwi fruit thin body power 1: singular enzyme to reduce adipose accumulation
Kiwi fruit itself is rich in peculiar enzymes, this kind of material can effectively break down proteins in food, become the intestinal easy absorption of amino acids, also can promote the metabolism and detoxification.
For many often people overtime of workers, meal time is often late, kiwi fruit rich in singular enzymes can help digestion, effectively reduce the burden of intestines and stomach, and I become a night cat weight-loss partner of kiwi fruit.
Kiwi fruit thin body power 2: dietary fiber improve constipation
Kiwi fruit in water soluble fiber (pectin) can prevent small intestine absorption takes fat from the food, let the fat with manure, reduce the chance of accumulation in the body; Water-insoluble dietary fiber is the role of clear bowel old waste, while absorb moisture increase volume of excrement and urine, promote intestinal peristalsis, radically change the belly bulge. More info: 2 day diet
Kiwi fruit thin body power 3: whitening and anti-oxidation
Kiwi is rich in various vitamins, vitamin C, help skin to resist uv, prevent dark spots, freckles, because is thought to have beautiful white effect. Eat kiwi fruit in winter, can change the skin due to blood circulation variation phenomenon of dull. Can help skin to lock up the necessary moisture, avoid caused by excessive evaporation and peeling and tight, strengthen the skin’s ability to resist pollution from outside.
Not only that, bizarre fruit is also very rich in vitamin E content, an equal weight of kiwi fruit contains vitamin E is 2 times of cherry! Vitamin E have a super antioxidant function, can remove free oxygen and free radicals, reduce the photosensitive oxidation, reduce the human body to suffer the harm of radiation and ultraviolet overdosage, help maintain healthy skin and prevent skin aging.
If you like to eat snacks, or you are an office worker, might as well prepare for yourself more kiwi fruit, can not only provide nutrition for your body, still can make you eat more lean. If eat the kiwi fruit at the same time, with proper exercise to lose weight, your weight loss effect will be better!