Magic slim capsule in significantly more effective weight loss

A recent study published within the American Journal of Preventive Medicine confirms this assertion. It found that from the bevy of weight-loss available on the iTunes store and elsewhere, most do not employ those long-established strategies proven to produce changes in behavior.

Thirty commercially accessible apps were examined to determine whether 2 day diet reviews they included any of 20 behavioral change strategies according to evidence. Typically, the apps included less than 20 % of these methods. Seven of these were not present in the apps; 3 had 13 of the 20.

Strategies included weight-loss setting goals, stress management, measuring food and reading nutrition labels.

The research noted that the similar review in ’09 found only 43 percent of over 200 apps magic slim capsule included dietary self-monitoring, an essential weight-loss intervention.

The final outcome? Weight-loss mobile apps typically included merely a minority of the behavioral strategies found in evidence-based weight-loss interventions, researchers wrote. Inclusion of additional strategies might make apps more useful to users who have motivational challenges.

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